Baby Ads

What is a Baby Ad?

Baby ads are a fun, and memorable way to leave a lasting well wish to congratulate your senior for all the hard work they have done and all the accomplishments they’ve had.

Size in inches (300ppi or higher required):
1/8 Page: 4×2.75in
1/4 Page: 4×5.5in
1/2 Page: 8 1/6×5.5in
Full Page: 8 1/6x11in

Size in pixels:
1/8 Page: 1225x825px
1/4 Page: 1225x1650px
1/2 Page: 2450x1650px
Full Page: 2450x3300px

How Do I Make a Baby Ad?

Option 1: Design online -Drag and drop pictures and text into template of your choice. Submit and you are done!

Option 2 :Let us HELP you!
Open design nights have finished for 2020 yearbook and are now by appointment only  (Monday 5:30pm – 7 pm).  Email

Option 3: We do it all for you
You can send in photos and text and we can make it for you!

Option 4: You got this!
Submit a finished ad here in 300dpi, jpg format.