What is a Baby Ad?

Thank you for purchasing a baby ad for your senior this year. Baby ads are a wonderful way to celebrate your graduate, and we are here to help you make their ad as special as possible. Click here to confirm you have purchased an ad for your student, or click here to buy one now on our online store.

If you would like to order a larger ad size, 
click here or click the button below and pay online.

There are many ways you can create and submit a baby ad to our team to be printed in the book. Please read through the options below and select the one that works best for you.

  • Design with a Yearbook Staff Member
    • Book a time to design your baby ad with one of our talented designers. Scroll down on this page to book an appointment.
  • Have a Staff Member Design it
    • Send us your photos and text, and we will design an ad for you. We will send you a confirmation after it is complete where you can approve the ad or make changes. Just click here to submit your photos and text.
  • Design it Yourself
    • If you are a skilled designer or want to have someone else design it, please use the dimensions below to design the ad, and click here to submit your finished ad to our staff. You will receive a confirmation after the ad is approved.

Custom ad dimensions:
Size in inches (300ppi or higher required):
1/8 Page: 4×2.75in
1/4 Page: 4×5.5in
1/2 Page: 8 1/6×5.5in
Full Page: 8 1/6x11in

Size in pixels:
1/8 Page: 1225x825px
1/4 Page: 1225x1650px
1/2 Page: 2450x1650px
Full Page: 2450x3300px

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