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About our Program

Our nationally recognized, award-winning yearbook program teaches students many important skills that can be used later on in life. Students learn how to take stunning photos using industry standard camera equipment. Free access to the Adobe CC suite is provided as a part of the class, and students learn how to use InDesign and Photoshop to design the book. There is much more to yearbook than just making the book, as salesmanship, time management, and leadership are all learned in the creation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy a yearbook at this link, and buy a baby ad at this link.

You can see the yearbook order list at this link, and the baby ad order list at this link.

The yearbook pricing fluctuates throughout the year. Right now, it can be purchased for $84 through the DP Webstore, but keep an eye out for the Back to School Night special and more specials throughout the year. Keep in mind that the price will increase throughout the year, so buy your book soon!

What makes the yearbook so valuable is that it’s not like social media in the sense of where it’s going to eventually disappear one day and then you aren’t going to remember all those great memories you had. For example, going to homecoming with your friends/significant other/or whoever because it won’t be on instagram/snapchat/twitter anymore or for another example all the fun activities that happen in the greek or the varsity football games with all the crowds cheering on the players. Now when social media disappears you aren’t going to have that but buy purchasing a yearbook you will definitely remember all of those memories. But our staff members capture all of it throughout the year and your yearbook will never disappear it will always be with you reminding you of all the good things, funny things, crazy things, and amazing things that you, your friends, the class of the year, as a whole school did.

Baby ads are a fun, and memorable way to leave a lasting well wish to congratulate your senior for all the hard work they have done and all the accomplishments they’ve had. To order one, click here.

The DPMedia program provides students with a valuable, hands-on, learning experience with industry-standard equipment. Click here to help provide students with access to new, updated equipment by making a donation to our program.

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